People who are self employed often have different obstacles to overcome when applying for a mortgage, however this doesn’t mean they are less likely to be approved. We have helped self employed borrowers with various circumstances find the right mortgage for them.

Despite the myth, there is in fact no such thing as a “self employed mortgage” specifically created for people who work for themselves. People who are self employed apply for the same types of mortgages as everyone else, with the only difference being how they prove their income.

Proving Self Employed Income

People who are self employed will be required to provide evidence for much of the same documentation as a salaried worker (PAYE), such as your credit report, however there are addition elements that may also be necessary:

  • Between 2-4 years of business accounts
  • Personal tax returns
  • Previous 12 months contracts


It’s important to note that it will depend on whether you are a sole trader, company director or contractor / freelancer in regards to exactly what paperwork will be required.

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