Free Mortgage Advice In Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland, the home of the Scottish parliament, Edinburgh is one of the most famous regions in the UK and now the people living in Edinburgh can receive free mortgage advice. We have helped thousands of people in Edinburgh find a suitable mortgage and supported them through the full process, from mortgage application to moving into their dream home.

If you would like free mortgage advice you can call us on 0800 112 3690 or alternatively use our mortgage calculators to check what your repayments will be or how much you could borrow.

Getting Mortgage Advice in Edinburgh

At Mortgage Advice Scotland we don’t believe anyone in Edinburgh should be paying a penny for mortgage advice, we have a different way of doing things. When we arrange a mortgage for a client we will receive a commission from the mortgage company and this is sufficient to cover our costs for giving advice and arranging the mortgage.

Where mortgage advice is concerned, everyone is equal, because a borrowers ability to pay a mortgage broker shouldn’t stand in their way of getting a new home.

Get Free Mortgage Advice

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a landlord with a portfolio of buy to let properties, we help a range of borrowers find the right mortgage for them.

When you first speak to Mortgage Advice Scotland we will take the time to understand your mortgage needs and arrange an appointment with our mortgage broker.

All of our mortgage brokers are based locally and have many years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured you are in excellent hands.

Your mortgage broker will do a full financial assessment to understand the best type of mortgage to search and apply for or whether a help to buy scheme may be required. They will then look to get a mortgage approved in principle on your behalf and once this has been successful achieved you will be free to search for your dream home knowing exactly how much you can offer a seller.

Speak to Mortgage Advice Scotland today for free, no obligation mortgage advice in Edinburgh by calling us on 0800 112 3690. 

Try Our Mortgage Calculators

Give our mortgage calculators a whirl… they can help you understand just how much your mortgage will cost you each month and how much money you can borrow based on your income.

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