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Mortgage advice is also about ensuring our clients are fully protected should the worse happen and this is where protection products are very important. Mortgage protection includes building / contents insurances and life insurance.

Buildings insurance will protect you should your property be damaged due to fire, flood or storm. It’s important to get the right level of cover, for the right price and this is something our advisers have excellent knowledge of. Life insurance is important if you’re married or have children because the property could be a risk should the worst happen.

We will take the time to understand your situation and just what type of cover is necessary for your specific circumstances. This could checking the full value of the your goods are covered should there be a fire and they are lost.

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Your Insurance Policies

If you don’t have policies in place, such as life insurance, home insurance or other insurances that you may require, then we will explain what these policies can offer you and provide a quotation for you to consider.

Some mortgage providers will make one of the condition to being accepted is for borrowers to have home insurance and / or life insurance. This may happen when first taking out a mortgage or when re-mortgaging.

If you have already got home or life insurance you will still be entitled to have a free review with one of our advisers should you wish to do so. The adviser will check your current insurance products against like for like products and find out whether there are better options. Should your current protection work out to be the best option you will have piece of mind.

Local Protection Advice Service

All our mortgage advisers are qualified and trained to give advice on insurance / protection for your home.

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No-Obligation Protection Advice

Our protection advice and review will be 100% free and it comes with a no obligation guarantee, which means who do not have to take the policy we recommend.

We will explain your options to you including the benefits and cost, however if you feel like you don’t wish to take any of the option our advice will still be free and you will at least have the knowledge of what options are available to you.

It’s no no risk, no cost guarantee that while you could save money and/or get a more suitable policy, you won’t have to worry about paying a penny.

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Protection / Insurance Question?

Fantastic, Let us answer any questions you may have about protection for your home.