A remortgage can be helpful to release equity in a property, your reduce interest rate or extend your fixed rate mortgage. If you don’t remortgage regularly it could leave you paying more than necessary, why not check to see if we could help save you money every month.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to find out but it may cost to not check whether you could be saving money on your current mortgage product. Our advisers will be able to quickly check your current circumstances and the market to find out whether it’s worthwhile remortgaging your property.

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Why It’s Important To Remortgage

Your financial circumstance, the mortgage market, interest rates are just some of the things which are likely to have changed since your last mortgage was arranged.

Mortgage Advice Scotland will be able to check the whole of the mortgage market and assess whether your current deal is still the best for you.

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Our mortgage advisers will search the whole of the market and compare it against your current deal. Get a free mortgage checkup today.

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Getting A Remortgage in Scotland

Some people may chose to stay with their current mortgage provider, out of a sense of loyalty, others will use a broker who doesn’t search the whole of the market. In both cases you will limit your choice and potential to save money. Our mortgage advisers will search the whole market to find the most suitable and financially beneficial mortgage for each clients needs.

If your adviser finds your current mortgage deal is the best available they will advise you to remain with the same mortgage provider and review it in the future. Why not find out today if your current deal is the best available?

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Give our mortgage calculators a whirl… they can help you understand just how much your mortgage will cost you each month and how much money you can borrow based on your income.

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Our advisers are available to answer any questions you have about remortgaging…